Monday, 8 September 2014


In the first of a series of short interviews with players across the football pyramid in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Alfreton Town striker Paul Clayton discusses the 2013/14 campaign, his thoughts on this year's pre-season activities and what excites him about the current campaign.

How do you feel last season went for the club?
Last season was a success looking back now but the position we put ourselves in after 36 games you look at it as a disappointment, but in all fairness another improvement on seasons gone by.
What were some of the highs and lows of the 2013/14 campaign for you personally?
The highs for me were when we got to second place and you're thinking what if. The lows were my injury as I was starting to hit a bit of form at the time and the three points deducted well let's just say that was a kick in the you know what.
On a personal level no striker can be happy with seven goals in a season, but if you look back games to goals I couldn't really complain as big John [Akinde] was getting them anyway so it's about the team not the individual.
How has pre-season gone for you on a personal level?
Pre season I think has gone well personally like my fitness etc but don't forget there's a complete new squad apart from three or four so it's going to take time to get us gelling. There are new partnerships all over the pitch to work on but by Saturday 9th we will be ready as always.
What are you most looking forward to ahead of the 2014/15 kick off?
What am I looking forward to most I'd say hopefully to play as many games as I can I think it's important to play those first five or six games to really get your fitness levels match sharpness like all teams.

But I think we will all be happy with three points first game of the season as I don't think we have won an opening game in the Conference yet and take it one game at a time and hopefully improve again on last season.

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