Wednesday, 9 September 2015


A documentary following Leamington FC during the back-end of the 2014/15 campaign was screened on television last night (don't worry if you missed it, repeat details are below). It documented how players juggled their footballing careers with lives outside of the beautiful game and was a pleasure to watch.

We were lucky enough to get the chance to ask film maker Nick Leek a few questions about the film;

Has media production always been a hobby of yours?

I wouldn't say always, but from 16/17 onwards, I developed a keen interest with it and I've just continued with it since.

How did you get into filming for Leamington FC?

I was told about it by my friend, who also films the home matches with me at Leamington. It was initially a work experience type of thing, which tied into our university studies at the time. It was mainly just something to add to our CV's and portfolios, but we really began to enjoy it so we simply just continued with it.

How did the documentary come about?

Obviously with non-league football clubs and players, you hear about them having to work day-jobs, earning much less money than professional players etc. I was aware of this prior to filming at Leamington, but there was a Tuesday evening fixture last year where I had overheard a few Leamington players discussing being at work all day, being tired and having to play their match that night. From then on, I knew what film I wanted to make and how it would go.

Did you come out of it with a new found respect for players & staff at that level?

Definitely. Most non-league clubs are Part-Time, so most will have to work outside of their football commitments. This is obviously something professional players and clubs do not have to worry about. That in itself is something everybody can respect about the non-league game.

What was the most eye-opening thing you learnt during the project?

Probably just how difficult it must be for the management and players to get things right on a Saturday, when they only train twice a week and work everyday. 

Have you always had a passion for non-league football?

Honestly, not really. I have only really been following it since I started filming the Leamington matches in January 2014. Since then though, I've obviously I've developed an interest in it. Non-league football is very under-rated, you do see some good players at this level and some cracking games. 

A huge thank you to Nick for doing this. If you missed out on the first showing of Part Time you can catch it on the Community Channel (Freeview: Channel 63, Sky: Channel 539. Virgin Media: Channel 233, Freesat: Channel 951) on the following dates;

Thursday 17th September @ 9:30pm Friday 25th September @ 9:30pm Tuesday 29th September @ 9:30pm

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